Canada-India Opportunity

Business Potential in India

With a population of 1.2b, 50% below age thirty, and a 300 m strong middle class, India offers an exciting market opportunity for Canadian products and services. The GDP growth rate is the envy of most of the western world. Huge potential exists in a number of different areas including retail, telecom, infrastructure, health care, transportation etc. The team at Sunram has a deep understanding of the business, economic and political climate in India as well the difference in nuances between the business practices in Canada and India. Sunram a Canadian company with a presence in India offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Establishing your business
  • Selection of business partners
  • Market Research
  • Setting up of Joint Ventures
  • Navigating through the system to obtain institutional clearances
  • Hiring of local staff
  • And more…….

Offshore Services

The Off Shore/On Site Model: Sunram Systems is headquartered in Canada with operations in India. Through carefully chosen strategic alliances and partnerships, we have access to a pool of global resources. In this model, there are economies of scale to be obtained. We provide a single point contact for project management and business facilitation.