The company that loves small!

Sunram Systems offers technology solutions in GIS and I.T. applications

Sunram Systems started as a small company in 1997. At Sunram Systems, we love small- no client is too small, no project is too small, no challenge is too small, and no detail is too small. Do we take on big challenges?  Sure we do, by breaking them up into little challenges and working through them one step at a time.

We reach out to work on small projects, in small communities. That’s what makes us special. Our small efficient team is quick to respond without passing the buck– something our clients love! That’s the start of a long term relationship.

We make small achievable commitments to our clients and we honor them. Every customer is special. Sunram offers a single point contact and personalized service to every customer.

Old is gold- no technology is too old. We often take on orphan I.T. systems which nobody else wants to touch. We enable technology to meet your business requirements.

Sectors: Natural Resources, Health Care, Education, Not for Profits, Utilities, Private and Public Corporations, and all three levels of Government.