Mine Maps

How a young geologist realized his dream!*

Sometime during the last century, a young geologist started his mining career. For the first ten years of his working life he worked in underground mines often 3000 ft below the ground.

One day he had a dream – he wished to become an exploration geologist and, discovered his new found calling in life which was to build 3d data models.

He soon joined a silver mining company in a small town. By sheer chance, he stumbled upon a vault containing thousands of mine maps created by pioneering geologists, some of them dating back more than one hundred years. He realized there was ancient wisdom stored in these maps. He had struck a gold mine –actually a silver mine to be precise!

His challenge – the paper maps were old, with folds, crease marks, and dog ears – to analyze them would take him a life time. This is going to be a nightmare!

He chanced to meet a friend, who told him “I know of just one company that can come to your rescue and render those maps for you– let’s call that company the Lone Ranger”. Behind the mask, the company’s real name was Sunram Systems.

Like the legendary Lone Ranger, Sunram Systems swung into action and converted those maps into digital form – capturing the fine detail, faults, folds and veins in all their original colors translating them accurately into points, lines and polygons and georeferenced- the maps were brought back to life and became dynamic and “intelligent”. All of it in record time !The geologist was ecstatic!

Since then, the geologist has developed those digital images into 3 dimensional models in a multitude of hues & colors capturing the complex geophysical, geochemical and geomagnetic properties of the mine that can be viewed and analyzed from different angles & elevations. So much so, the company that he works for, now knows where precisely to dig their next drill hole, saving them millions of dollars. In the mining business, digging the right hole is the only thing that really matters!

The geologist realized his dream.

- the legend of the Lone Ranger continues – Hiyo Silver away !

* This is a true story – Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely intentional and not coincidental. This complex initiative was undertaken across 5 cities in a seamless fashion.